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Új SI 20 pont lett kiadva és a 10 pontot újra felülvizsgálták, kiegészítették


  • 10 pont: „Use of calibration services, other than by qualified (or customer accepted) laboratories, may be subject to government regulatory confirmation, if required”

Vonatkozó megjegyzés: „Reissued to show that the note and subsequent paragraphs were not excluded.” (forrás – IATF honlapja)

  • 20 pont: 10.2.3 Problem Solving

„The organization shall have a documented process(es) for problem solving, which prevent(s) recurrence, including:

a) defined approaches for various types and scale of problems (e.g., new product development, current manufacturing issues, field failures, audit findings);

b) containment, interim actions, and related activities necessary for control of nonconforming outputs (see ISO 9001, Section 8.7);

c) root cause analysis, methodology used, analysis, and results;

d) implementation of systemic corrective actions, including consideration of the impact on similar processes and products;

e) verification of the effectiveness of implemented corrective actions;

f) reviewing and, where necessary, updating the appropriate documented information (e.g., PFMEA, control plan).

Where the customer has specific prescribed processes, tools, or systems for problem solving, the organization shall use those processes, tools, or systems unless otherwise approved by the customer.

Rationale for change: Corrective actions are often observed to miss the important step of prevention of recurrence. Prevention of recurrence has now been added as a requirement” (forrás – IATF honlapja)

Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF Recognition IATF Rules5 th Edition”

Új kiegészítések: SI 11 & 14 revised and reissued in December 2020, effective 1 January 2021. SI 22-25 issued in December 2020, effective 1 January 2021.


Groupe RENAULT Customer-Specific Requirements for use with IATF 16949:2016 2nd Edition – version 2020


Groupe Renault’s Customer Specific Requirements to IATF 16949 evolution


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